Obstacles in The Path of Seeking Knowledge By Shaykh Khālid al-Dhafīrī (حَفِظَهُ الله)

Wed, Jan 4, 2017

Tuesday 8th of August 2017 / 15th Dhul-Qiʾdah 1438,Masjid ʿAbdul-ʿAzīz ibn Bāz, East London

Shaykh Khālid al-Dhafīrī (حَفِظَهُ الله) mentioned eight obstacles that hinder one from seeking knowledge:

  1. Seeking knowledge for other than Allāh. (Absentness of sincerity)
  2. Abandoning actions. (Not acting upon one’s knowledge)
  3. Having reliance upon books rather than the scholars.
  4. Acquiring knowledge from the ungrounded youth and people of innovation.*
  5. Not advancing progressively whilst seeking knowledge.
  6. Having arrogance and haughtiness.
  7. Lack of patience.
  8. Low determination and eagerness.

*Revised by my elder noble brother: Aways al-Ṭawīl

Translated by Abū Ṭalḥah Ṭāhir ibn Nasīm